May 2018 – Herstal, Belgium


Purchased in May 2018 from Bridgestone, worldwide leader of tire production, Mecamold is a Belgium based plant specialized in the manufacturing of aluminum mold for passenger car tires.

Before its acquisition by Keravalon, the company had been accumulating heavy losses for more than 10 years, with c. €6m of negative EBITDA for €12m of sales. Keravalon team managed to turn around the business in 14 months by:

  • Negotiating a social restructuring leading to 35 voluntary departures out of 152 employees
  • Optimizing industrial processes and reducing time-delivery of product
  • Investing in Capex and innovation and breakthrough technology

Mecamold is now producing more molds than it has ever done and is generating profitable margins, enabling it to continue its innovation trend and conquer the European market.

Mecamold is the evidence that Keravalon does not shrink from social conflict and knows how to handle tough unions with respect.