March 2015 – Burgos, Spain


Founded in 1965, Sinterpack is one of the top 3 Spanish integrators in the end-of-the-line equipment.

The 2008 crisis compounded with the saturation of its core market, the milk industry, creating a situation of decreasing sales and a bloated cost structure. About to be closed, doomed by its shareholders, Sinterpack was acquired in February 2015 by Keravalon. The company was losing €1m on €3.5m of Sales vs. profits of €1.2m on €11m of Sales in 2008.

Keravalon’s plan was executed in 12 months and concluded by a quick return to both growth, profitability and employee morale:

  • Adjustment of workforce and outsourcing of non core components
  • Conquering new sectors and territories, from milk to food & non-food FMCG and Pharma, from exclusively Iberian to global sales
  • Launch of two R&D programs leading to early lead in Cobot applications

Sinterpack ended 2018 with more than €10m revenues, returned to solid profits, employing more people than when Keravalon took over and investing in new technology and countries.

In 2019, Sinterpack acquired Prodec, a Barcelonese company specialized in automated end of line solutions for flexible products. In 2020, the Group was rebranded Xolertic and operates in 3 plants in Europe and Asia, serving its customers in +90 countries over the world.

Xolertic is evidence that the DNA of Keravalon is in growing long term its portfolio companies.


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